Detectorist Unearths 5000 Year Old Satirical Joke


An amateur detectorist has discovered an ancient satirical joke in a field in Wiltshire that could be as old as Stonehenge. The British Museum has confirmed the joke contains traces of Ted Heath’s three day week, David Frost, and a hilarious reference to an Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Carbon dating places the joke firmly in the dark ages of British comedy, otherwise known as the Paleo-Motherinlaw period.

Dave Fletcher, an amateur historian, discovered the satire in a pile of bullshit just a few minutes before sunset. He said ‘At first I thought I was holding a piece of crap, but gradually it fell away and I recognized a casually racist joke. My heart began to race. I knew it had to be as old as my mum, or even older.’

The find has been declared Treasure Trove which means it will be split evenly with the land owner. A delighted Farmer Giles said ‘When he asked to dig in my field I set my dogs on him. I get a subsidy for every rambler or detectorist I threaten to shoot. Lucky for me I missed. Now get off my land before I set my dogs on you!’

The satirical joke will be auctioned at Sotheby’s next year and could fetch up to £500,000. Jim Davidson is expected to bid because he needs fresh material for his upcoming tour. Boom-boom! No, but seriously…

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