No-deal Brexit breaks EU laws, say MPs giving up UK’s right to take EU to court


MPs who fought tooth and nail to remove the UK’s ability to challenge the EU in the ECJ have said that, if we hadn’t, the ECJ would definitely find the EU in breach it’s obligations toward the UK if its intransigence denies us a good Brexit deal.

Senior Whitehall sources have said that if the UK crashes out of Europe without a deal “we will make it clear whose fault it was…but, obviously, will have crashed out of Europe without a deal, sooooo, will have no recourse through the ECJ…Bummer.”

“It’s important who’s fault it is, because if it was the EU’s fault, then we could take them to the ECJ under Article 8 of the Lisbon Treaty, except that we’d have foregone our rights under the Treaty, along with our right to be heard by the ECJ” said leading Brexiter, barrack-room lawyer and part-time International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox. “And, this is absolutely not my fault, or the fault of anyone else who pushed for Brexit without thinking about the consequences, it’s that Barnier and the unreasonableness of EU bureaucrats who won’t change the EU’s founding principles at the drop of a hat, despite their clear pledge not to change them…”

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