Woman fined for wearing a niqab but double-denim goes unpunished


Denmark has charged the first person with wearing a face veil in public, this was despite one onlooker wearing cut-off shorts and platform-sneakers. The official law restricts the use of a ‘garment that hides the face’ but clearly lawmakers have not seen any of the ridiculous fascinators on display at ladies day at Ascot.

Members of the Muslim community have legitimately asked if there is a double-standard, given that stars like Daft Punk or Sia cover their faces all the time – and no one wants to see James Corden’s gurning leer. Also, if we are looking to tackle religious fundamentalism, should we not start with trucker hats first?

Complained one lady: ‘Is this about religious expression? Because the Pope still regularly dresses like Huggy Bear. Or is this about fashion conformity? And if that’s the case, how come socks and sandals are not punishable by death?’

Many have speculated that burkas are used to hide identity, nefarious intent or worse still – a velour tracksuit. So, while some will continue to be fined, others will be free to wear leopard print crop tops, see-through tights and faux-fur wrist bands, with impunity – so David Walliams is fine.

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