Met Office upgrades to Windows


New standards to improve the operations of weather forecasters are to be introduced by 2020. The Met Office has found that techniques currently employed ensure weeks of accurate forecasts when the weather is stuck in one mode, i.e. heatwave, but that accuracy falters as soon as the weather becomes changeable, i.e. normally.

”Since we only need forecasts when the weather changes it seems right that the Met Office should take account of that fact” said a spokesman today.

The first major change will mean that all buildings occupied by forecasters must have at least one orifice in the wall apart from the entrance door. “For preference” said the spokesman, “the orifice should resemble the kind of glazed structure installed in most residential and business premises and known as a window. This enables building occupants to see what is actually happening outside without having to speculate.”

On the technical front forecasters who use their Internet websites to show weather conditions across several hours will also be forced to adopt a software system known as 20/20 hindsight.

“We are particularly concerned about those sites which show that it is continuing to rain long after it has stopped or that it is still bright and sunny long after it has started raining” said the spokesman.

“Having cleared up the matter of what the weather is doing at present then new software will be introduced to help forecasters predict what the weather will do in future. We did encounter some resistance from the industry at first” added the spokesman “ but we overcame their objections by meeting them head on and modifying the software slightly. We will still expect them to forecast today’s weather correctly but when they are predicting the weather five days or even a week ahead the longer- term forecast will automatically self-destruct at the end of the first day to prevent users complaining that it was wrong.”

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