Suspicions grow about man who found seven corpses while walking dog


Police insist they are still “keeping an open mind” about Jim Greyston of Kent, who has broken all previous corpse-finding records set by dog walkers. Three months ago he found the body of a murdered hitch-hiker while exercising his dog Toby near Alston Green outside Maidstone. Since then, he has stumbled upon the dismembered bodies of three sex workers and three more hitch-hikers in what a police spokesman calls “a case of lightning striking seven times in the one place”.

Mr Greyston insists he is as surprised as anyone by these coincidences, and suggests he and his dog just happen to take the same routes chosen by psychotic killers dumping bodies – “not that I’d know anything of the habits of psychotic killers”, he hastily adds. His wife has come to his defence, saying: “He’s always finding things – once he found a £5 note and a mobile phone on the same day”. Also, she says he has “more time on his hands” for taking walks since he sold his vegetable garden and his four refrigerators last year.

Mr Greyston says his dog must have a talent for finding bodies and body parts, and he has made a list of other victims the Jack Russell terrier might be able to sniff out. He insists he is just a law abiding citizen who works as a long distance truck driver while earning some extra cash as a butcher at weekends.

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