New series of CSI Isle of Wight starts tonight

William Roache

CSI Isle of Wight star William Roache admitted today that the new series of the all-action forensic detective drama was just what he needed to put his travails behind him. Roache plays heart-throb DCI Leighton Drumstick, known to all as ‘Buzzard’, whose puns on local place-names as he puts on the handcuffs have caught the imagination of the viewing public. “You’ve got a ticket to ride” he said to one felon “…to Ryde prison”. You can shut ‘Yar mouth’ he tells another and, cuffing a hapless heroin addict on the beach, he points out to sea saying “those Needles are the last ones you’ll see for the next 10 years.”

The new series promises to be as exciting and hard hitting as ever, with the seedy side of island life often to the fore. In one episode a drugs cartel corners the island market and panic spreads as they exert their sphincter-like grip and residents realise they cannot go. Tension builds to bursting point as pushers have no success and nothing and no-one moves. Eventually, just when the whole island is about to explode, Drumstick, disobeying his bosses’ orders, disguises himself as a pizza delivery boy, penetrates the gang’s Shanklin hideout and releases their huge deposit of Sanatogen, however the shit really hits the fan when he gets back to the station.

Drumstick becomes furious in the series climax, when he finds a motor vehicle inconsiderately parked overlapping a disability space near Sandown beach. Vaulting a low wall, the outraged detective chases the perp along the golden sand only to realise, when he finally brings him down, it is his troubled teenage nephew Bruno, son of his Italian brother Guiseppe, who mysteriously disappeared whilst working undercover on a job-seekers allowance fraud case. As Drumstick is coming to terms with this, his nemesis from the previous series Donnabella, his brother’s beautiful but evil wife emerges, bikini clad, from the foaming surf. “Hi Buzz, surprised to see us?” she smirks, but Drumstick recovers quickly “Well it looks like the Cowes really do come home in the end” he quips as he cuffs young Bruno.

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