Ryanair satisfaction ratings soar as strike action bites

Mick O'Leary

As flights have been cancelled at virtually no notice across the continent, Ryanair customers have spoken out about their experience since the strike began. ‘I was told at the check-in that my flight had been cancelled,” said Pete today. ‘That’s much sooner than normal – I’m normally turfed out of my seat two minutes before take off and have to scour the seats to find my wife to tell her I’m not flying,’ he said today.

Ashley, from Kent, said her wedding plans were in total disarray thanks to the strike. ‘I was planning to ditch my boyfriend at the altar in Malta, but now I’m forced to do the dirty in Canterbury,’ she said, noting that she wouldn’t have to spend two weeks sitting on sun-kissed beaches listening to him whine at her. ‘Result, if you ask me. Thank you bloody Ryanair,’ she added.

A Ryanair spokesman noted that the strike was only for 24 hours and that ‘most passengers hadn’t noticed that their flights were cancelled, late, overbooked and landing in the wrong airports,’ he said, ‘just like normal.’

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