Windsor man admits ‘brandished beheading sword’ but didn’t think he was involved


A 69 year old Windsor man has admitted waving an executioners sword in the air but insists he did not behead anyone. The incident took place in Riyadh in February 2014 while the man was a guest of the Saudi Royal family.

The man said he was simply having a bit of fun with one of the swords the Saudi Royals use to behead the people they have sentenced to death. ‘There were lots of people kneeling when the Saudi Royals walked past but I do not recall anyone having their head chopped off.…but then the Saudi people spend most of their time on their knees.’

‘We were just taking a few photos of me larking around with the sword…there was no blood on it at the time. I did insist the executioner cleaned it off first…..waving a sword dripping with blood would have been totally insensitive. It was meant to be a light hearted moment…..

I admit there were a few people laying wreaths for those who had been beheaded earlier in the day ….but I was not involved’.

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