Drought reveals ancient henge in Wales and glimpse of Johnson’s integrity


Ancient farms, burial mounds, neolithic monuments and a faint hint of honour from Boris Johnson are amongst many fascinating finds exposed by this summer’s drought. While archaeologists are excited by discovering the outlines of 5000 year old structures, what’s really captured the imagination is the possibility that a tiny glimpse of integrity from Boris Johnson may have been exposed.

Professor Jenkins of the university of Dundee explained; “scientists are using powerful electron microscopic techniques to examine aerial photographs of Boris Johnson’s head. For the most part every particle of Boris Johnson has the word ‘ME’ burnt into it, but at the deepest level the drought has exposed a single cell and if you look very closely, there is a tiny question mark after the ‘ME’. Oh no, it’s a hair – false alarm.”

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Posted: Aug 17th, 2018 by

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