Piers Morgan recalls the day when Ted Kennedy drove Billy Jo Kepchne off the Tallahachee Bridge

the good old days

Noted political commentator and moral philosopher Piers Morgan has been sharing his own memories of his fellow statesman Edward Kennedy, the American senator who passed away yesterday.

‘His full name was Ted E. Kennedy, but all his close mates knew him as Edward,’ said Morgan yesterday, choking back tears. ‘He was a great man, and a great mate,’ said the former editor of the Daily Mirror.

After emigrating from Dublin, Kennedy had found himself occupying the left wing, first for Millwall, and then later Manchester City, writes Morgan in his 1000 word epitaph in today’s Daily Mail.

But Kennedy’s career never really took off, and he eventually found himself drifting to the right at Wolverhampton, where he fell into the trap of chasing the ball played over the top, rather than adhering to the left touchline.

Morgan cites an infamous incident at The Bridge, for which Kennedy was unfairly maligned. ‘Listen mate. I knew Ted E. Kennedy, and take it from me, there is no way on earth he would have pushed Billy Jo Kepechne off the Tallahachee Bridge,’ said Morgan.

‘You can accuse me of a lot of things, but I edited two top selling British newspapers, and I know about getting my facts right,’ said the former editor of the News of The World, and friend of Alistair Campbell.

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