Brexit: The Movie


Coming to a cinema screen, DVD player and a soft/hard border near you.  It’s the Disaster Movie of the decade. Featuring an all-star cast, Theresa May, Dominic Raab and David Davis, this one will have you on the edge of your sanity. In keeping with negotiations, much of the content is yet to be decided. However, Newsbiscuit has obtained leaked documents from a production meeting, listing possible working titles for the film:



Dr Yes/No,

The vote that F*cked me

Deal Another Day


You Only Vote Twice

The World Trade Organisation is Not Enough

The Good, The Bad and The Brexit

One Flew Out of the CuckEUs Nest

Referendumb and Dumber

10 Things I Hate About EU

Death Wish

Death Wish II

Death Wish III

Death Wish IV

Death Wish V

Some Like it F*cked

Good Deal Hunting

Toff Story

The Three Brexiteers

Gone With The Brexit.

Fall of The Brexit Empire.

How Green is My Brexit

Despicable May 3 (warning may contain career before country scenes)

Pinocchio and the EU Referendum

Get Out (Spanish version)

Dr. Strangefox: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Brexit

Saving Privatisation

Back to the Past

Apocalypse in March

Raging Bullshit

Titanic II

E.U. the Extraterritorial

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Last Vango to Paris

The Empire Strikes Back

The Money Pit

The Sound of MEUsic

Hard Anal 5

Jeux avec frontiers


No Country For EU Men

The Great Escape

Muppet Treasure Island

A Fistful of Dotards

From Here to Obscurity

A Farewell to Exports

All About Eton

The Remains of the Economy

The English Impatient

Jacob and the Argue-Nots

Brexit at Tiffany’s

The Darling Duds of May

The Fantastic Mr Fox

Singing in the Ruin

It’s a Wonderful Lie

Michel Barnier’s Day Off

Risky for Business

The Taking of Article 123

Teresa Does Brussels

The Men Who Smile At Goats

Another Time, Another Place, But Not Here

UK Thin Border Line

True Shit

The Anti Social Network

Easy Come, Not So Easy Go

Money Balls Up

The Day The Earth Caught Ire


From an idea by throngsman, with contributions from FlashArry, Alopecia, Gerontius, Chipchase, ron cawleyoni, Candide, Myke, Sinnick, Max Stars, Wrenfoe, cinquecento, beau-jolly, Not Amused, chrisf, sydalg, MzWibble, Macattack1964,

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