Lynx introduce new ‘Pixie dust and phoenix feather extract’ shower gel


Encouraged by the success of Lynx Boost (Stimulating guava and volcanic stone extract) and Lynx Fever (Brazilian hot mud and red dragonfruit extract), Unilever are set to launch a new range of shower gels with ever more far-fetched and ridiculous, but exotic sounding ingredients.

From next week, Lynx’s target market of teenage boys who’ve never had a girlfriend, will be able to try two brand new and exciting varieties of the popular product.

The first, Lynx Fabrication, offers ‘a blend of pixie dust and phoenix feather extract, creating a uniquely invigorating, uplifting and inspiring shower experience’ according to UK Brand Director Mike Thomas.

He also claims that the second new addition to the range, Lynx Untruth, ‘will bring about a revolution in showering, with truly unbelievable results achieved by an innovative mixture of South American completelymadeup plant leaves and extract of unicorn horn.’

The two new fragrances will be launched in a blaze of publicity, complete with a TV advertising campaign where a young man steps out of the shower to find his bathroom has been invaded by a large group of scantily clad women, looking at him in a shy, yet seductive way. The group is scattered as God appears in the bathroom and reveals Himself to actually be a hot, suggestively dressed woman, who then throws herself at the young man’s feet.

Mr Thomas says the advert is a ‘deliberate attempt to move away from accusations of sexism that some of our previous campaigns have met with, which is why we have gone more upmarket with the religious theme.’

He also revealed that a Lynx Politic variety was suggested, with extracts of Nick Clegg’s integrity and Ed Miliband’s credibility. But the idea was rejected as being just a little bit too implausible.

18th August 2011

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