‘You Are Here’ signs may breach GDPR


Information security consultant Nicole Miners explained the problem. “The nightmare scenario is shoulder-surfing – you might be looking at a map in a town centre, and I’m standing right behind you. At that point I know exactly where you are because there’s a giant sign telling me. It’s madness!

“If the sign showed a general circle – say, representing an acre or so – and said ‘You are somewhere near here’ it would be okay. Obviously, we’d need to make sure that the centre of the circle wasn’t the person’s location or we’re back to square one”.

Critics have pointed out that the shoulder-surfers are, technically, Also Here, though this argument cuts little ice with the information governance community. “Look, GDPR is the Magna Carta of the modern age. We’re all going to have to make sacrifices”, said Miners. “And who uses physical maps anyway? Your gran? A smartphone fitted with a screenguard can locate you to the nearest metre, and the only people who know your location are you and the Googleplex. And they’re our friends, obviously”.

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