Barnier publishes a book on the political philosophy of Brexit – in French, bien sur


Brexit is a physical paradox and even if we leave we will remain, says the EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, in a rough translation from his newly published 300,000 word book on the political philosophy. He points out that Sartre’s essay on the cultural paradigm of context holds that a Constitution, such as that of the EU, is capable of significant form, given that semanticist subcultural theory is invalid.

In a sense, Brexit shows that several theories concerning semioticist conceptualism may be revealed. Baudrillard’s model of patriarchialist narrative states that context comes from negotiation. Therefore, since the current situation is impossible, it does not exist. However, if semanticist subcultural theory holds, we have to choose between neodialectic constructive theory and postmaterialist conceptualism. Anyone who attempts to resolve the current situation by discourse is inherently a Brexit Remainer, or Remexiter. Hence, the UK can check out but it can never leave.

Theresa May said – actually no, let’s not.

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