Boris: ‘When I’m in No.10 I’ll have Trump resolve Irish border question’


Speaking to like-minded morons at a fringe meeting in Wraysbury the narcissistic power-mad blithering idiot said:  ‘Ma-hooga! Ma-hooga! Mwuff! Mwuff! Mwuff!  Ha-ha, yes… err… umm… I’m told there’s some little inconsequential island that’s turning into a bit of a fly in the jolly old Brexit ointment.  Some piffle about a border?’

‘Ah, well, but you see good news is I know a chap who can sort that out.  Lots of experience doing it already.  Donald Trump is an internationally respected world statesman and a diplomat par excellence.  He’ll sort these troublesome Argies out.  Whoops! I say, Matron, can you bring me my thunder mug!  QUICKLY!’

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Posted: Sep 12th, 2018 by

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