Brexit leaver voters to be relocated to non EU country


In bold new ‘out of box ‘ thinking, UK government is releasing a proposal to offer all voters in favour of leaving EU, a free relocation package to the non EU country of their choice – subject to meeting a Government approved list of countries, which mostly end with ‘-stan’.  Brexiteer’s not taking up the Government’s very generous offer will face compulsory deportation to the van Dieman’s land, ‘just like in the good old days,’ said one government spokesman.

UK Government sees this as a ‘win win’ offer as pro Brexit people get what they voted for i.e. To leave the EU.  UK Government feels that all obligations will have been fulfilled and everyone lives happily ever after.  Theresa May is alleged to have said: ‘Deporting UK citizens for no good reason?  That sounds like my kind of plan’.

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