C4 launch ‘Naked Political Attraction’


Belinda Brittan, the first woman to appear on the controversial late night Channel 4 show Naked Political Attraction, is currently facing a difficult decision over which of two bollock-naked politicians to pledge her vote to.

Hosted by Davina McCall, Naked Political Attraction involves six middle-aged to elderly men standing inside differently coloured glass booths with no policies to cover them.  The contestant then eliminates them one by one as more about them is revealed.  It has drawn considerable criticism, with members of the public variously describing it as ‘obscene’, ‘tacky’, ‘not as good as it sounds’ and ‘lets me say “fanny” without coming across as sexist’.

In the first round, Brittan decided to get rid of ‘Orange’, who turned out to be Nick from Sheffield.  ‘It’s a shame, he was quite good-looking, but I could only go on their balls at that stage and as far as I could see, he didn’t have any,’ she said.  The unnamed ‘Green’, whose smell of compost was permeating every corner of the studio, followed soon after.

Next, the remaining four were asked to turn around and Brittan said goodbye to ‘Yellow’, who was Alex from Scotland.  ‘It’s not that his arse was that bad, but the way he talked out of it was very off-putting,’ she commented.  Finally, with a full view of the remaining three, she got rid of ‘Purple’, alias Nigel from Dulwich, giggling as she told McCall that when she said she might have to kiss a few frogs, she didn’t mean it literally.

‘Now I have to decide between ‘Red’ Jeremy from Islington and ‘Blue’ Boris from Kensington,’ Brittan said.  ‘I don’t so much mind getting my kit off in front of them, since I’m screwed either way, but the idea of going out to vote with either of them is pretty revolting.  I wish someone had put some more information about this show on the side of a bus, so I could have known what I was getting into.’

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