Couple succeed in using week off to book next holiday

went on every tour available

Chantelle and Stuart Sanders, 26 and 31, of Carshalton, say they are ecstatic after managing to book their next holiday during a week off work.

They spent the first weekend of their break chillaxing, a process involving duvets, Facebook, chocolate and vodka, in preparation for the ordeal that lay ahead.

‘On Monday morning Stuart suggested touring the travel agents and getting some brochures and I was like Shut Up that’s such a brilliant retro idea,’ said Stuart’s mum. Chantelle was less effusive but equally keen on setting the ball rolling by looking at some packages in books.

Having gleaned some ideas, they then set about looking at customising their perfect holiday using all the online sites available. After spending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday reading reviews, poring over prices, getting in a spin over flights, agitating about airports, dithering over destinations, weighing up luggage entitlements, and sifting conflicting advice from friends and family they were finally ready to start booking but were too stressed to do it straight away.

After spending Friday watching TV in bed to settle the nerves they commenced the final selection process on Saturday. By mid afternoon they began checking their shortlist for availability but discovered that all their preferred options had become fully booked since they had last checked them. In frustration they went out and got totally pissed, came home and crashed their PC after opening a dodgy email.

On Sunday they decided as a last resort to defy their hangovers and drag themselves to the nearest travel agent just before closing time, where they booked an all-inclusive 10 day package to Benalmadena in June. ‘It’s exactly what we wanted,’ said Stuart, ‘and as cheap as anything we found all week.’

Chantelle said that after their recent tribulations they were planning to do absolutely nothing on holiday apart from stay within the hotel complex and pamper themselves. ‘They’ve even got free wi-fi,’ she said. ‘We’ll have all that time with nothing to do, so I thought we could see if we can sort something out for our week off in September.’

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