Final series of Big Brother decoded from alien galaxy signals


A number-boffin at the SETI Institute explained: ‘People viewing Big Brother have always wondered where the housemates originated, as they never accurately represent anyone in reality outside the house. Now we understand them to be extraterrestrials.’

‘Introducing the aliens to the viewing public in the Big Brother house is the ideal preparation for their acceptance and integration into human society when they invade.  As to who will win this series, I can’t reveal too much, but the person will have been on a journey, experienced emotional highs and lows and come out of the house a better person with a new family that they promise they will stay in touch with for the rest of their life’.

Asked whether this is the beginning of a new era of communication with civilisations from all parts of the cosmos? He added: ‘No. Aliens masquerading as unrealistic human forms is a freak occurrence.  Wait a minute… we’re picking up a new series of Love Island’.

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