BBC announces spin -off series for the Bodyguard


The BBC, taken by surprise by a production that people actually want to watch, have produced a list of spin off productions to be screened over the next twelve months.


The Oddie-Guard – a world renowned ornithologist protecting birds on a three seater bicycle.  Nobody knows why the birds are on a bycicle.

The Noddyguard – Toytown drama as Big Ears is abducted by Elves.

The Showaddywaddyguard – an ageing group of rockers realise they’re already on step two.

The Shoddyguard – same story as the Bodyguard, just on a much lower budget.

The Paddyguard – special edition for Northern Ireland.

The Proddyguard – special, special edition just to appease the DUP.  Just to be sure.

The Modiguard – series set in 1960s Brighton.  Theme music style TBA, BBC execs scratching their heads as to who could perform it.

The Baddieguard – because even crooks need protecting.

The Doddyguard – series set in Knotty Ash, expected to be in seven hour episodes with a lock-in afterwards.


Hat tips to: Beau-Jolly, Titus,Tonymc81, Chipchase, Midfield Diamond

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