Theresa May wakes to discover Brexit ‘was all a dream’

May DReam

A grateful Mrs May awoke to realise that the last few years were all just a fevered cheese nightmare, that she was still Home Secretary and that David Cameron was showering in the next room. In an unlikely plot twist, all hint of Brexit had disappeared and the ‘Windrush’ generation had no inkling of the surprises she had planned for them.

Some viewers/voters are naturally perplexed that the last season of ‘Operation Cockup’ no longer seems to have existed. However it does mean that Mrs May is now in a position to re-write history – or at the very least, take out life insurance on the unsuspecting occupants of Grenfell Tower.

A spokeswoman explained: ‘Not many people get a second chance, to do things differently. Appointing Boris as Foreign Secretary, losing a Commons’ Majority and destroying the NHS – yes, there have been successes but she does regret not buying more leather pants’.

As a normal minister, Mrs May can get back to what she does best – hiding. Yet, to wake from the dream, all she ever needed to do was click her kitten heels together and say: ‘There’s no place like Home Secretary’.

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