Vince Cable considering reconsidering considering resigning

epa06038655 (FILE) - Liberal Democrat Leader, Tim Farron (R) and Vince Cable (L), Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham visiting the headquarters of the Graze in London, Britain, 22 May 2017, (reissued 20 June 2017). Reports on 20 June 2017 state that Sir Vince Cable has announced he is standing in the Liberal Democrat leadership contest to replace Tim Farron as Liberal Democrat leader.  EPA/PETE MACLAINE

Ephemeral leader of the Lib Dems, Sir Vince Cable is considering reconsidering considering resigning possibly maybe sometime in the near-ahead future, next year.

This latest announcement from the Lib Dems comes as the Labour Party decides to leave decisions over Brexit for party members to decide the Labour Party’s decision.

Lib Dem strategologist, Kai Grosvenor explains, ‘Sir Vince was absolutely clear on his decision to possibly step down when he’d sorted his holiday dates out for next year.

‘He’s been considering whether to have two full weeks together, or split them up into separate weeks, or have a series of long weekends, or midweek mini-breaks, or just a bunch of single days.’

‘Obviously this decision was a key factor for consideration in the decision to reconsider. But with Labour throwing this Brexit spanner in the works, Sir Vince feels it’s absolutely necessary to clarify to the party that he’s considering taking all considerations into consideration when reconsidering considering to step down, or not.’

‘In the final analysis,’ added Grosvenor, ‘considerable consideration must be considered in the reconsidering of the initial consideration to possibly consider a reconsideration of stepping down.’

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