We’ll replace the Red Arrows with murmurations of starlings, says Corbyn


Jew baiting, terrorist tickler, and would be Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, has upset even more of the population today with the announcement that the next Labour government would replace the world famous Red Arrows Display Team with a flock of brightly painted starlings.

This unexpected new policy from today’s Conference Speech was unveiled when Mr Corbyn said: ‘A Labour administration will see The Red Arrows base at RAF Scampton, closed down and replaced by some really big trees, possibly birch, oak, or even one of them really big ones like Robin Hood used to live in,, said Mr Corbyn.

‘Starlings are the ideal choice,” said Corbyn told our reporter later. ‘They are fast and noisy, like the planes but much cheaper, more environmentally friendly and spend almost all of their lives flying around in flocks, doing acrobatics and that. They are a peace-loving sight to behold.’

He then put on a set of flying goggles and started to run around the car park of Liverpool’s ACC, squawking and flapping his arms.

A spokesman for the Labour Party said: ‘Mr Corbyn’s views are not entirely those of the NEC or the PLP. We are certainly looking into replacing the Red Arrows but whether it will be starlings or the new BAE Hawk, we have yet to make a final decision.’

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