Female Dr Who suffers work-based harassment from aliens


Unfortunately the UK’s first female Time Lord has discovered gender imbalances still exist throughout time; particularly given that the TARDIS is only fitted out with urinals. Worse still, is that Jodie Whittaker’s character is only on 40% of the Gallifreyan Dollars that her previous incarnations were.

Constant inappropriate banter from Daleks, waving their proboscis in a provocative fashion, have made things uncomfortable. Coupled with snide comments from androids, that only doctors and ‘cybers’ can be men.

Female genes had been over-looked for advancement on 12 previous occasions, with writer’s citing a concern that a female Doctor would quickly become pregnant by the first comely assistant she was given. Ironically, now that she has male companions, the new Dr. Who is still expected to save the Earth and then tidy up afterwards.

The Doctor confided: ‘I’ve been chased all over the galaxy, primarily by male aliens – all with wandering hands and tentacles. Time and space should be a safe working environment for women. Using the TARDIS I can tell you that in 100 years’ time the gender pay gap will close; but that we’ll also be invaded by an interplanetary race of centaurs, demanding a patriarchal dictatorship and gymkhanas for all’.

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