‘Extremely wealthy man beats driving-ban’ shock


A man of extreme wealth has managed to escape a lengthy driving ban despite being caught red-handed speeding in a restricted zone, it has been confirmed. Although having admitted to the offence and having being found guilty at an earlier court hearing, the verdict was later overturned on appeal.

The stroke of good fortune follows a spate of other guilty verdicts that have also been overturned in recent years, coincidentally also involving other extremely wealthy men.

‘Call it good luck, call it good fortune, call it sang-froid. Call it what you will, but it seems having considerable wealth means you are more likely to beat a guilty verdict than if you are middle income or even poor’, said one commentator today.

Figures for the month of September show that 1379 motorists were caught either speeding or violating other road traffic laws. Of the motorists who consequently managed to have the charges overturned, around 100% were considered to be either very wealthy or extremely wealthy, whereas 0% came from average or low income backgrounds.

Ford Fiestas and Honda Civics are shown to be the unluckiest cars to own if you are caught speeding. Not one speeding owner was lucky enough to escape a driving ban In one of these.

‘I don’t see any link between being wealthy and escaping a ban at all’, argued one lucky motorist who recently managed to get a driving offence overturned.  ‘It’s just a coincidence. Now f*ck off out the way or I’ll get my lawyer on you. I’ve got a private jet waiting to fly me to Paris to celebrate my good fortune. I’ve got a £1300 bottle of red about to be opened and if it’s above room temperature when I got there, I will sue your sorry ass’.

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