F1 bosses to liven up end of season by having Alan Carr join Mercedes pit crew


Fearing Lewis Hamilton’s massive lead in the drivers’ championship could lead to a dull close to the season, F1 bosses have announced plans to liven things up by forcing Mercedes to have TV funnyman Alan Carr join their pit-stop crew.

Hamilton enjoys a commanding 67 point lead over nearest rival Sebastian Vettel with only a handful of races left but the sport’s leadership hope Carr’s introduction could spice things up.

F1 chairman Chase Carey said: “If we do nothing, it’s just going to be a stroll to the finish for Hamilton and his Mercedes team.

“We think forcing his team to have the funny but completely impractical comic playing a major role in their pit-stops could help to level the playing field and create some much-needed drama.

“Watching Carr flap around with the wheel gun as vital seconds tick by and Hamilton fumes in his seat will be unmissable television.”

Alan Carr said: “Ooh bloody ‘ell. I struggle with putting petrol in my Toyota Yaris so gawd knows how I’m going to be able to handle all them Formula One thingymajigs.

“We’ll probably end up with the wheels flying off and hitting someone in the face!”

It is also expected that Carr will do his RiverDance impression, perfected in Nativity: The Movie, to signal when Hamilton can drive off out of the pit lane.

Lewis Hamilton said he wasn’t happy about the rule change but would not comment further in case he gets called homophobic again.


Gavin Beans

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