Homeless man offers to give up doorway to help Royal couple


A homeless man from Bridgnorth has said he is willing to give up his doorway for a few nights if it helps the Royal couple with their wedding plans.

52 year-old Gulf War veteran Jason Beesley said he was saddened to hear that Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank had been saddled with a paltry £2m price tag and wanted to do all he could to help.

‘They can have my doorway for a few nights. It’s not much but it’s all I’ve got’, said Jason ‘They’ve probably already made honeymoon arrangements, but if not I can move out almost straight away. It keeps the wind and rain out and it’s handy for the toilets across the road, although they do shut at 5 and unsurprisingly smell of days-old urine.’

‘I think £2m for a Royal wedding is an insult.’ continued Beesley. ‘It barely buys you an open-top horse-drawn carriage and a couple of dozen footmen these days.

‘Some people are saying her father should pay up, but is that really fair? He’s estimated to have a substantial personal fortune of his own. Well, I say ‘fortune’ but it’s only £65m, and I may be homeless but even I can work out that £2m from £65m would be quite a hammering.’

‘Do you know if they’ve got a dog?’, enquired Beesley. If they don’t want my doorway the only other thing I’ve got is this length of rope I use to tie up the dog at nights. All it needs is a bit of a clean and it will come up like new’.

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