Yellow Pages rebrands as Yellow Page


Yellow Pages has decided that the time has come for a rebranding, to fit in with its contemporary slimline look – and will henceforth be known as “Yellow Page”. Once a breezeblock sized tome and the chief source of information on local business phone numbers, the publication has been steadily shrinking ever since the dawn of the internet, along with the use of phone numbers and local businesses.

As well as cheaper production costs, the new Yellow Page will be much easier to fit through a letterbox, and also much easier to tear up, allowing 95% of the UK population to be able to claim that they are incredibly strong.

“Inevitably with our move to one side of A4 we have to sacrifice some of the text”, says Yellow Page’s CEO Ruth Jones, “so the plan is simply to put the address of our website in 36 point and leave it at that.”

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