Baker refuses to make Christian cake


A baker in N.Ireland has flatly refused to bake a cake for a Christian couple saying the whole concept behind the cake was totally abhorrent and against everything he stood for.
Baker Jason Beesley said the couple had asked him to bake a cake made from unleavened bread and red wine but 43 year old Jason argued that the ingredients were meant to represent the flesh and blood of a man brutally murdered over 2000 years ago and was simply an attempt by the couple to legitimise cannibalism

‘Why anybody would want to pretend they were eating the flesh of a man who had been left to die in agony on a cross for days on end is beyond me’, said Beesley.
‘I tried explaining the Eucharist to my toddler’, continued Beesley. ‘He asked if it was like what the zombies do in The Walking Dead and I said, well, basically, yes it was.  He said ‘cool’. Now I think he wants to become a Christian so he can eat people’.
‘Dress it up as you wish, but eating the flesh and drinking the blood of another human being is just creepy.; concluded Beesley. ‘It might only be symbolic….but then so is marrying the person you love. Sorry….I just can’t do it.’

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