Melania says she did care about ‘I don’t care’ jacket


Melania Trump has clarified that she did deliberately choose to wear a jacket saying ‘I don’t care’ on an official engagement earlier this year, and therefore it was true that she didn’t care and not true when her spokesperson had earlier claimed that she didn’t care about the not caring statement. She added that she did care about the children she visited while wearing the ‘I don’t care’ jacket, and it was whether anybody cared about whether she cared that she didn’t care about, but that she did care to let everyone know.

Further confusion arose when it was revealed that the jacket she wore to the interview had ‘I’m lying’ emblazoned on the inside, which she later clarified was not true. Donald Trump added that the truth was he didn’t care either, especially about the truth, but no one cared to listen as that at least was already perfectly clear.

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