Sultans of Swing arrested for blowing dixie


The Sultans of Swing, a group of balding dads with ponytails, have disbanded after their lead trumpeter was arrested by police for ‘blowing Dixie live on stage’ in a pub way on down south in London Town. Harry, a fellow band member, was also arrested for playing with his honkytonk but was later released on bail pending further investigation. He said he was upset, but doesn’t mind of he doesn’t make the scene as he is doing all right in his daytime job as a quantity surveyor.

Lead guitarist George narrowly escaped a similar fate when he got up under the lights to play his thing. He insisted it was a case of mistaken identity due to poor lighting and the lewd act was actually performed by a mysterious character known only as ‘Jazz’. ‘Well, now you step inside but you don’t see too many faces,’ explained Guitar George. ‘Coming in out of the rain to hear Jazz go down.’ Privately, however, the band’s manager said: ‘When I get hold of Harry I’m going to make him cry and sing with a left-handed old guitar.’

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