‘It hurts our feelings when you use bags from other shops,’ till staff say


Supermarket checkout workers have urged shoppers to stop using bags for life from other stores as they find it too upsetting. Susan Robertson, who has worked at Asda for more than ten years, said she had been reduced to tears at seeing Sainsbury’s and Morrisons bags used at her till.

‘When you flaunt bags for life from other chains in front of our face, it’s quite heartbreaking,’ she said. ‘It shows to us that there are times when you snub us in favour of our rivals. It’s like being cheated on. I’ve seen people bring in bags from Tesco, Aldi – even Poundland!’

However, supermarket user Colin Dudley from Maidstone, said shoppers should be allowed to use any bags for life they like. ‘Who has time to rifle through their bag cupboard and make sure they only pick the right bags for the right shop?” he asked. ‘In fact I try to make sure I bring bags for life from a different shop – that way you can’t be accused of stealing them by screwing up a new one and pretending you’ve brought them from home.’

Gavin Beans

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