AC/DC’s next release to be a concept album based on The Krankies


In what many in the world of music are seeing as a surprise move, hard-rocking heavy metal supergroup, AC/DC, have announced their next release, ‘Fandabbydozy’, will be a modern-day rock opera based on the lives of The Krankies.

Guitarist Angus Young said: ‘Because behind that knockabout slapstick style there are some really serious contemporary issues being tackled head on. For example, gender fluidity. You can’t tell me that a mature woman dressed as a schoolboy for decades hasn’t been doing cutting-edge pioneering work in this area. One track, ‘Who Really am I?’ explores this through the medium of a fifteen-minute guitar solo.’

Axl Rose, the group’s vocalist aadded: ‘Hey, and what about them coming out as having been swingers? Forget driving Harleys into swimming pools or snorting Coke off naked hookers, The Krankies are real rock and roll crazy guys. The final cut on the album, ‘Ten Bangs a Night’, is inspired by all that shit, man.’

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