Finally, the last High Street bank closes for good


Holders of bank accounts across the UK gave a loud cheer yesterday as Britain’s last High St branch closed its doors for good.  The last of the ‘big four’ finally gave in to customer demand as their last remaining bank was forced to call it a day.

Nearly 5000 branches across the UK were forced to close between 2015 and 2018 in what is being hailed a victory for people who used banks:  ‘It’s a victory for account holders and anybody who had cause to go into a bank,’ hailed account holder Jason Beesley.  ‘There used to be five banks on our high street at one time and now there are none.  If that’s not a victory then I don’t know what is’.

‘Around 180,000 jobs have gone too….that means 180,000 people don’t have to get up in a morning and go to work anymore.  It seems a win/win situation whichever way you look at it.  If you are a shareholder you must be rubbing your hands….all those wages being turned into shareholder dividends’.

‘The last bank may have closed but the fight doesn’t end there.  Next we are turning our attention on cashpoints…..who uses cash anymore?’


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