NRA ‘It was either her or the goat’


The NRA has entered the Scottish ‘goat hunting’ furore by giving its support to some mindless bimbo who shot a defenseless Scottish Wild Goat dead, then posted pictures of herself with its lifeless body on Twitter in the name of some warped idea that what she had done could be called sport.

Speaking to reporters an NRA spokesman said:  ‘I travel to Scotland often and I’ll never forget once when trekking on Islay I saw a similar goat watching me from atop a distant hill.  That was one bad mother of a goat, a real nasty piece of work.  I knew right away that given half a chance it would have attacked me and I had to shoot it.’

‘So in this case I’m not surprised that this real hot babe… I mean this poor terrified woman… shot it.  Besides, I’m pretty sure the goat was black’.

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Posted: Oct 27th, 2018 by

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