Fashion: Our guide to the 2018 Poppy Season


Dazzled by the kaleidoscopic range of remembrance poppies available these days? Confused as to how exactly to express your views on death and armed conflict through the medium of artificial flowers? With people wearing more and more varied poppies than the typical WW2 veteran wears medals, Newsbiscuit presents a guide to the 2018 poppy season.

Red – worn to remember British people killed in armed conflicts

White – to remember people killed in armed conflicts, to signal your hope for peace in the future and opposition to war, and to annoy right-wingers.

Purple – to remember animals killed in conflict in ways that are directly related to the conflict

Purple and two veg – to remember animals killed to be eaten by soldiers during conflict, or indeed anyone at any time

Red that squirts water – to remember clowns killed in conflict

Gold – to remember billionaires whose fortunes were made through arms sales

Target rings with charred hole in middle – BAE Systems special pro-war poppy

Black and white exploding– Daesh ‘I want to start a new world war’ poppy

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