Public request more articles saying environmental problems not their fault


The newspaper reading public has expressed a desire to see more articles, or even the same article over and over again, suggesting there’s nothing they as individuals can do about climate change or other environmental problems.

‘You know the one, I saw it a while back in… I can’t remember where,’ said Mr D Bagshot of Bexleyheath. ‘But it definitely said it was all the fault of big corporations, and nothing I did would make any difference.’

‘I felt so happy when I read that, I started driving everywhere and putting all my recycling in the normal bin. And I took loads more straws than I needed in McDonalds.’

‘But since then, I keep reading that I’m being a reckless idiot and making everything worse. So if whoever it was could dig out that article and publish it again, preferably on a regular basis, that would be great.’

‘Oh, and there was also one about how you should never give money to the homeless, because… well, there was definitely a reason.’

‘For my part,” said Mr D Bexleyheath of Bagshot, ‘I’m entirely convinced the best way to help the homeless is not to give to them directly, but to support one of the recognised charities working in this sector. And one of these days, I’ll get around to doing that.’

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