Oh…Trump still here?


Although there seemed to be a lot of Democratic supporters gleefully cavorting with ticker-tape and cardboard cut-outs of Oprah Winfrey, the rest of the USA is less convinced that the era of Sauron is over. Commentators admit that the President may be as difficult to remove as herpes, stretch marks or the mental image of your grandmother naked.

Donald Trump still has squatter’s rights to The White House, even if House of Representatives has changed its locks. He shows all the tenacity of hangnail or the plot line of ‘The Walking Dead’.

Explained one voter: ‘I thought the mid-terms would see the back of Trump, but he’s got the staying power of a tape-worm on steroids. The stubbornness of a cast-iron skillet. Basically he’s got the half-life of enriched uranium – which explains the orange glow.’

Sadly, like that can of kidney beans at the back of your cupboard, Mr. Trump is not going anywhere soon. Another voter lamented this failure to declutter democracy: ‘Remember in 97 when ‘Barbie Girl’ got stuck in your head and made you stick forks into your eyes to make it stop? This is worse. You want rid of Trump? Try entering a medically induced coma until 2020, followed by a stiff course of antibiotics’.

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