Blue Peter totaliser to illustrate when Trump makes America great again


President-elect Donald Trump is to erect a huge thermometer to the side of the White House in order to show when he has made America great again.

The making great again of America was the President-elect’s key pledge and today he revealed he had bought a 1980s Blue Peter totaliser to illustrate the making of the greatness. As the red of the thermometer rises, it will show which year America is ‘progressing’ back to. The first goal on the totaliser is to take America back to the days of George W Bush.

‘The greatness will be made bigly on the side of the White House. America was last great in the 1950s and if you were to push me, I’d say it was last great in November 1955. And I intend to take us back there. When the thermometer reaches the top, we will have reached our goal of turning the clock back to a better time’ said Trump.

Coincidentally, November 1955 is the month before Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to surrender her bus seat to a white person.


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