Film of reporter’s altercation with Trump aide “actually a clip from The Matrix”


Journalists who were present when a White House aide tried to take the microphone from reporter Jim Acosta have confirmed that the film released by the White House is not an accurate portrayal of what happened that day. In fact, many are convinced it’s actually a clip from the film “The Matrix” with the faces of the reporter and the aide added digitally.

“I’ve known Jim for a long time, and was present that day,” said NBC’s John Silverman. “At no time did he rise slowly into the air with his arms extended, rotate thru 180 degrees and then kick the aide in the face.”

“Neither did the aide lean back at an impossible angle to avoid a hail of bullets, before realising she could stop them in midair just by holding out her hand.”

However, the incident has fuelled speculation that Trump’s unlikely victory in the midterm elections is the result of him touring marginal districts and turning innocent voters into copies of himself.

“It was bizarre,” said Marylou Emmett of Arkansas. “My husband’s always voted Democrat. Then Trump appeared next to him – he was wearing dark glasses and an earpiece, but I recognised his orange face – and plunged his hand into Steve’s chest. Next thing I knew, Steve looked just like Trump and was talking about making America great again.”

“Could they at least change back the way he looks?” she pleaded. “I really don’t know how Melania does it.”

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