Iceland ditch ‘too political’ Christmas ad for dubbed Lib Dem broadcast


High-street frozen food retailing nation Iceland have had their Christmas ad banned for being too political leaving them to negotiate with the Lib Dems to use a dubbed party political broadcast.

Iceland Marketing exec, Trevor Taylor explains, “We thought it would be ok in our Christmas ad to include footage of Greenpeace’s film highlighting the destruction of the Orang Utan’s natural habitat due to palm oil production, the regulator thought not.”

“We had to quickly find a vehicle for our message that would in no way, shape or form exhibit a political bias, then Vince Cable came on the tv and we wondered which type of boiled sweets he was selling.”

Simon faxed the Lib Dems. They agreed to offer their back catalogue of party political broadcasts in exchange for party food.

Trevor continued, “We chose a broadcast where Nick Clegg talks sincerely to camera about Lib Dem core values and overdubbed it with special offers on prawn rings. No one spotted the changes, Nick included.”

Lib Dem strategist Hugo Strand explained, “Iceland had a deadline, they came with an offer to trade party packs of samosas and bhajis for party broadcasts.”

“Not good enough! It was ‘cater for the Christmas party, or no deal’. And Christmas party it is.”

“We’d have sh*t Brexit!”

“Although, we did ask could we exchange the samosas and bhajis for potato croquettes as they would be a tad too spicy…and  erm, contain palm oil?”

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