Indian independence campaign “had no plan for Pakistan border” say critics


Campaigners for Indian independence have been accused of not giving enough thought to the issue of the border with Pakistan.

“They presented such a naive picture of how simple independence would be,” said one prominent politician known to have campaigned to remain in the British Empire. “But we can see now they gave no thought to the practicalities. If there are now going to be two countries, India and Pakistan, what kind of border is it going to be, and where?”

“I’m worried there may be violence, or at least some very silly walks when they close the border every night.”

However, leading independence campaigner Borinder Jonsingh was still breezily confident that everything will somehow work out fine.

“Come on chaps, best foot forward, spirit of Amritsar and all that, it’ll all be over by Diwali,” he blustered, before learning his wife was divorcing him because he can’t keep it in his chuddies.

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