Just the small issue of total disagreement in the way of Brexit, says May


Theresa May announced today a very optimistic and upbeat evaluation of the Brexit talks. ‘The only thing to agree about now is the degree of disagreement between us, the EU and Members of Parliament,’ she said today, adding, ‘And Members of the House of Lords. And the man in the street. Apart from that, everything is agreed,’ she said.

When pushed she pointed to the menu for the press conference tabled to announce the decision to not make a decision. ‘We can have or not have cup cakes, with or without tea, but either not at the same time or simultaneously,’ she said, admitting that she didn’t understand the details herself, but left that to the Civil Servants ‘or the caterers. I’m definitely having a cup cake, or not,’ she said.

Asked about the issue regarding a hard boarder in Ireland Mrs May held out a plate of cheese sandwiches with the crusts cut off. ‘Cup cake, anyone?’ she asked.

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