Purchaser of Hockney for record price “probably not a fellow Yorkshireman”


The anonymous art lover who bought David Hockney’s painting “Pool with Two Figures” for a record price at Christie’s New York was “probably not a fellow Yorkshireman”, say experts in regional stereotyping.

It’s thought at least one Yorkshireman did attend the sale in solidarity with the Bradford-born painter, but was put off when he was asked to pay three dollars for the auction programme, exclaiming “What, even if ah don’t buy owt?”

The incident coincides with several reviews on Tripadvisor complaining that various restaurants in central Manhattan are “far too dear”, serve “nowt but foreign muck”, “can’t make a proper cup of tea” and above all are “not in Yorkshire”, though at one point he does express satisfaction he was able to find “a traditional British curry”.

The anonymous reviewer went on to explain he was only there because a travel agent misheard him when he asked for a train ticket to York. On realising he he’d been given a plane ticket to New York and couldn’t get a refund, he couldn’t face the idea of wasting the money and decided against his better instincts to make the journey. However, the trip has only reinforced his determination, dating back to a reluctant visit to “that London” many years ago, to stay within “God’s own county” from now on.

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