Man Who Preferred Apples To Oranges Berated On The Internet

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A full scale Twitter storm erupted today after a blogger commented that he preferred one fruit to another.

‘He is clearly a disgusting racist’ protested one critic. ‘Unlike apples, most oranges come from abroad, so if he prefers apples, that can only be because he is a ghastly bigot whom should be thoroughly ashamed of himself and banned from all decent, civilised society.’

Other commentators however have been more cautious in their assessment of the man’s preferences suggesting that ‘He only thinks he prefers apples because he has been brainwashed by the muliti-national capitalist apple-supplying corporations, using subliminal advertising on the sides of buses.’

‘He needs to recognise how much worse-off he will be become eating by apples instead of oranges, which are less expensive’ continued the commentator ‘Er, even if they aren’t.’

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