Man reads article on Victoria’s Secret models for not entirely feminist reasons

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An article on the unhealthy body stereotypes allegedly promoted by Victoria’s Secret models has been read by a surprising number of people, say the newspaper’s online editor.

“Our articles on feminist talking points usually attract a small but devoted group of readers. But this one really seems to have captured the public imagination. Way more than our review of the new Andrea Dworkin biography last week.”

One such man was Mr D Bagshot of Bexleyheath, whose wife was surprised to walk in and find him reading the article on his laptop.

“It sets such a bad example for teenage girls,” he hastily blurted out. “I mean, just look at her. Has she ever had a decent meal? And she’s just as bad. And this one…” before his wife pointed out he didn’t need to scroll through every photo to make the point.

It’s thought Mr Bagshot had also paid close attention to an article about Ariana Grande, without really noticing whether it was about the bombing of the Manchester Arena, her splitting up with her fiancé or her defending the members of Little Mix for posing nude. On realising it was the last of these, he commented “Oh great, are there pictures of them too?”


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