Tommy Robinson less of an ‘advisor’, more of a ‘cautionary tale’

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The co-founder of the English Defence League is to help UKIP members on how to spot dangerous extremists – starting with himself. Through a fusion of experimental kabuki theatre and glove puppets, Mr. Robinson will educate people on the perils of gangs roaming the streets – particularly his ones.

Having been involved in fraud, ABH and contempt, Mr Robinson is more than qualified to provide ethical guidance to someone like Gerard Batten. Previously known as Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris and Racist McRacistFace, Mr Robinson is often seen as the worst that Britain has to offer, particularly if it happens to be Katie Hopkin’s day off.

Likewise, he is a strong proponent of prison reform, provided it focuses on taking him out of prison. Commented one Ukipper: ‘When Nigel Farage is warning you that you are being dragged too far to the right, you really need to ask yourself – how far have I gone?!?’

Politicians of all persuasions have been quick to condemn UKIP’s association with Mr. Robinson, mainly because UKIP thought of it first. Admitted one MP: ‘He’s racist, ignorant and violent. But he also has some negative points’.

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