Brexiter who knew what he was voting for ‘bloody chuffed’ with things so far


‘I’m fed up with people saying we didn’t understand what we were getting ourselves in for,’ said Rick, from Grimsby, who voted Leave for intelligent reasons. ‘I was stoked when we abandoned Chequers red lines, on top of those we abandoned from and prior to the Lancaster House speech, in order to grasp at an onerous deal the PM thinks is worse than the status quo, and which is unlikely to get past Parliament.’

‘Frankly, it’s typically patronising for the metropolitan elite to say we weren’t voting with our eyes open when our dearest wish was, four months before the date we’d set to leave the EU, to still have no inkling as to whether we’d crash out with no deal, leave with a deeply unpopular deal, or remain. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out exactly the way I knew I was voting for during the referendum. Brexit means Brexit, after all, whatever that means.’

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Posted: Nov 25th, 2018 by

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