Westminster warns Netflix to watch its back


Not to be outdone by an overproduced internet stream of Machiavellian political intrigue and manoeuvring, Theresa May has taken decisive action to take on the threat from Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood A-listers who are currently dominating the sexual harassment market.

Issuing a code of conduct for MPs to behave, drag themselves into the twenty-first century and stop harassment and sexual abuse, Mrs May also made the point that the House of Commons had been doing this for years before Netflix came on the scene, and that Netflix had only recently and shamelessly re-worked an excellent British institution.

‘While the accusations against Mr Spacey and Mr Weinstein are truly dreadful, we should remember that they are all based on actions revealed in Parliament long before Netflix came along with its American reboot,’ said Mrs May. ‘Frankly, who does Netflix think it is? Coming over here, looking much more attractive than traditional and established television programming, broadcasting short series and over-producing almost everything.’

‘It’s no wonder that it has attracted men of a certain type. Netflix should remember that the House of Commons has been doing this sort of thing for much longer and on a much larger scale than it could ever hope to realise. This pretty young internet television service should grow up and learn from a more mature example.’

Netflix declined to comment to the accusations levelled against it by Mrs May but did say that it was available at an hourly rate, plus travel, for any member of the House of Commons who feels lonely post-Brexit.

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