Man getting divorced seeks ‘transitional period’


A man going through a difficult divorce, in which he and his wife can’t seem to agree about anything, suggested a two-year transitional period to sort everything out. ‘It’s brilliant,’ Dave Bagshot of Bexleyheath told his mates down the pub. ‘I’ll still be able to live at home and see the kids, but I can also slip Shelley from accounts a length whenever I like. And after two years, I expect we’ll be able to agree on problems we can’t even discuss without getting into a furious row at the moment.’

However, it has turned out he had to move out of the family home, hardly ever sees his kids and Shelley from accounts has dumped him. Worst of all, his intention to be unfaithful means his wife will now have the upper hand in divorce negotiations. Bagshot has countered that he was sure there was something going on between his wife and their lodger, Seamus Murphy, but she replied ‘Don’t try and bring the Irish boarder into this’.

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